IIBF Digital Banking Book [PDF Download]

The IIBF Digital Banking Book is a comprehensive guide that covers various aspects of digital banking. It provides detailed insights into the evolution of digital banking.
This book also features summaries, keywords, tests & answers at the end of each chapter. The Present Publication is the 2019 Edition, and incorporates the following contents:

Module A: Digital Banking Products

  • Digital Banking Products
  • Cards
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet or Online Banking
  • POS Terminals

Module B: Branchless Banking

  • Digital Banking & Financial Inclusion (Fl)

Module C: Marketing of Digital Banking Products

  • Marketing of Digital Banking Products

Module D: Payment Systems

  • Developments in Payment Systems in India and Digital Banking

Module E: New Developments in Digital Banking

  • Developments in Digital Technology & Business

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